RainStoppers Oversize Windproof Golf Umbrella


Xmund XD-HK2 Automatic Umbrella 2-3 People Portable Camping UPF50+ Waterproof Folding Sunshade
Price: US$7.99. 60% Off

The original price of the RainStoppers 68″ oversize golf umbrella was $19.11, but the current price is $17.47, which is a 9% discount that saves you $1.64 \[%1]. This umbrella has a green/white color scheme and is made with a fiberglass shaft and ribs for added stability. The canopy is made of 190T Nylon fabric and is large enough to cover three or more people. The umbrella also features a non-slip foam rubber handle and comes with a matching sleeve. Its weight is 1.25 pounds, and its shipping weight is 1.3 pounds. Overall, it seems like a great investment for golfers or for individuals who want to stay dry in rainy weather \[%2].