Lead Generation Machine

Turn 2 Simple Keywords Into Lead Generation Machine

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A.I. generates ALL the questions. You personalize offers based on responses

  • Capture Leads with A.I. using powerful builder
  • Share Surveys with a custom URL anywhere with just 1-click
  • Automated: Generate engaging questions using A.I.
  • Send leads Right to offers based on their replies
  • DFY Templates: Start instantly with ready to go surveys
  • Fully cloud-based: Nothing to download/install
  • Powerful Security: Passwords & IP level security
  • Free Commercial License: Make money by offering this as a service

Local Businesses Also Use Surveys To Sell More & Keep Customers Happy…

85% of small and medium-sized enterprises say that online customer feedback has been beneficial to their business.— Barclays, 2018

Barclays estimates that optimizing for the Feedback Economy could yield 3.2 billion dollar opportunity in the next decade in the UK alone.— Barclays, 2018

91% of people believe that companies should fuel innovation by listening to buyers and customers, compared to only 31% who think they should hire a team of experts. —SurveyMonkey, 2019

Lead Generation Machine

The old ways of generating leads just don’t work anymore…