Numsense! Data Science for the Layman: No Math Added

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Want to get started on data science?
Our promise: no math added.

This book has been written in layman’s terms as a gentle introduction to data science and its algorithms. Each algorithm has its own dedicated chapter that explains how it works, and shows an example of a real-world application. To help you grasp key concepts, we stick to intuitive explanations and visuals.

Popular concepts covered include:

– A/B Testing
– Anomaly Detection
– Association Rules
– Clustering
– Decision Trees and Random Forests
– Regression Analysis
– Social Network Analysis
– Neural Networks


– Intuitive explanations and visuals
– Real-world applications to illustrate each algorithm
– Point summaries at the end of each chapter
– Reference sheets comparing the pros and cons of algorithms
– Glossary list of commonly-used terms

With this book, we hope to give you a practical understanding of data science, so that you, too, can leverage its strengths in making better decisions.