Custom Engraved Wallet Insert, Personalized Wallet Card, Mini Love Note, Metal Wallet Card


This wallet insert (metal wallet card) will be engraved with your own text. Perfect for a wedding day, anniversary, deployment, or that special someone.

• Credit card sized (just under 3.5″ x 2″)
• Ultra thin metal, strong but will not bulk up the wallet
• Writing will not fade or wear off, writing is always white (see laser info below)
• 300 characters per side including spaces is recommended for best fit and looks
• Color options: black, red, blue, purple, orange, pink, gold, silver, green

• Unless you specify otherwise, your text will be formatted like a letter.
• Font size and line breaks will be adjusted as needed for fit (more text = smaller font).
• Slight text adjustments may be made as needed (i.e., do not/don’t, and/&, you are/you’re)
• Recommended about 300 characters including spaces per side in paragraph format (less for poetry format)
• Use if you need to check the length of your message.

• Double check your engraving instructions as we copy and paste from your note. (If we make a mistake, we will remake your card.)
• Custom engraved items cannot be returned or exchanged.

The wallet cards are laser engraved, not to be confused with rotary engraving or stamping. Laser engraving is done with a laser beam that permanently etches the surface of the anodized metal. You can feel it a little with your finger but it is not deep like rotary engraving or stamping (therefore some people mistakenly think it is printed). The fine etching allows us to fit more text and use both sides of the card.